One of the many (insert sarcastic tone here) wonderful duties I have inherited this year with my new role a school Test Coordinator is to provide training for staff to be test administrators for the end of year tests. All I can think of as I begin my planning is the numerous training sessions I have sat through, which were boring at best, and down right nerve wracking at worst. Add on top of that the fact that it’s something that teachers have to do that they don’t really want to, and I know the odds are against me in my attempt to always provide training that is relevant, informative, and respectful of teachers’ time.  Sigh… I really want to avoid failing miserably which I would equate to having the faculty leaving training with their heads hung low dreading the testing days even more due to the confusion or stress I have piled upon them.  As a result, my plan for “Test Training that Doesn’t Suck” was born.  My next few posts will share my attempts to make our test training this year “not suck,” or at least, suck a little less!

Plan 1- Play!  

A friend of mine told me about a game he and some colleagues play to amuse themselves during staff meetings called Buzz Word BINGO. Essentially they make BINGO cards with common education buzzwords, and unknowing to most of the staff at the meeting, listen for the words and play BINGO during the meeting. (funny and a little bit rebellious, huh?)

So I thought during our training session, we could play Testing Lingo BINGO!  I made Bingo cards on a free bingo making site ( using a word list I created. I included this list for you below. I have collected up a bunch of small items to use as BINGO prizes – I think I may hit up the PTO as well.

Now during training, folks will have a reason to listen in instead of playing Candy Crush on their phone, or grading papers …. they will want to win some of the great junk (err… prizes) I have to give away.  

Administering the end of year tests is serious business we all know, but we don’t have to go at it like we are facing doom and destruction, having a little fun can go a long way to relieving some of the stress we feel at the end of the school year, and if it makes us pay more attention to the training too, then double win!


My Testing Lingo BINGO Terms:

administrator, bubble sheet, test manual, code of ethics, accommodations, testing site, proctor, irregularity, misadministration, misalignment, score, extended time, make up test, EOG, NCFE, Final Exam, retest, evaluate, security, confidential, modification, document, maximum time, count, paper clip, calculator active, reading selection, test form, test editing, assessment, mark in book, read aloud, procedures, roving proctor, testing environment, monitor, standard 6, teacher evaluation, IEP, 504, LEP, number 2 pencil, calculator inactive, gridded response, test training, testing session, responsibility, confidential, test coordinator