Summer is a time for lots of fun, sleeping late, and vacations, but it can also be a time when students lose some of what they learned because they don’t keep skills sharp by practicing over the summer. These 5 options will keep students learning all summer long!

summer slide comic

1– Read something EVERYDAY. Newspapers, magazines, novels …let your child choose their reading material. The important thing is that they READ.

2– Try on online reading comprehension practice program like Newsela. ( This is a free program that helps students build comprehension with nonfiction text using articles about current news and events.The program adapts for reading selections on each students’ own reading lexile (reading level). Many articles have self checking comprehension quizzes that go along with them.  Check out details on their parents page about how to get started

3– Create an account on Khan Academy and complete some math lessons. This is another free site that offers lessons on skills at every grade level, and will help suggest the skills that are best for your child to work on next.

4- Go to a museum. Explore, discover, and talk about what you see.

5– Learn Computer Coding. Check out the tools available on to help your child learn computer coding skills, or learn how to code mobile games and apps using Touch Develop provided by Microsoft at

One way or another, school skills are just like any other skill you might learn, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Make sure your child doesn’t lose what they learned this year by practicing those skills a little each day to keep them sharp!