I should begin by letting you in on the fact that I am the Queen of an ADHD Kingdom I like to call the Allred Family Circus. Honestly, every single person in my family has ADHD and 3 of the 4 of us also have anxiety. What does that mean for this well-educated and responsible mom? My life is crazy and it is all I can do to get us all where we need to be at the right time with the right stuff and maintain a reasonable home.  It is an exhausting roller coaster of somewhat organized chaos.

The ONLY way I keep things together is by using a planner to keep up with everything and a family calendar that I update weekly.  Recently I added a new tool to help us keep it together, a large whiteboard where I keep lists of our most important to-dos and weekly activities.  This has been my saving grace!

I “made” this board myself using white wallboard from Lowes (very cheap) washi tape, and adhesive vinyl.  When I bought the board a Lowes I had them cut it to fit on the inside of the door to my garage. This guarantees that every time I head out to the car, I see a big visual reminder of everything!

I used washi tape to fancy up the edge of the board and add some divisions. Then I used my Cricut to cut headings for the sections of the board. Now all I have to do is fill in the sections with dry erase marker, which wipes off easily when it’s time to change something.

This visual reminder may not be chic home decor, but it helps us keep it together, and that is what matters most!

Check out my board: